A new way to invest

Companies tranche revenue. Investors buy what they like.

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Choose a revenue band with the desired strike and size.
Buy a Seats contract on the band.
Seller pays the amount of the band when earned.

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How it works

Funding 3.0 - Move over debt and equity

Debt Seats Equity

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Shane pitching on the mound at 5 Across

See our CEO Shane Hadden talk about Seats at Lexington's 5 Across on 8/25. Starts at 28:00 (wait for the mic :) ). Watch here at 28:00

Reason #5 for Seats: Much better for angels
Reason #5 for Seats: Much better for angels

Passive investors pay for more than they need when they buy start-up equity. Seats are better designed for this type of investor.Read more

Reason #6 for Seats: Better information
Reason #6 for Seats: Less information is needed

Equity creates a market for lemons problem because of large information asymmetry. Seats reduces this problem because less information is needed.Read more

Reason #7 for Seats: Fills the small business funding gap
Reason #7 for Seats: Fills the small business funding gap

Small businesses have a hard time raising capital. Seats solves this problem by making investing easier. Read more

Reason #8 for Seast: Easier Valuation
Innovation Helps Unlock Capital In The Middle-Ground Between Debt And Equity

A great explanation of Seats in Forbes. June 22, 2020. Read more

MiddleTech podcast
MiddleTech Podcast

Hear Shane Hadden talk about Seast with Evan and Logan at Middletach Podcast (Starts at 23:00). June 8, 2020. Listen

Reason #8 for Seats: Easier valuation
Reason #8 for Seats: Easier valuation

Seats are easier to value than common stock. Single payments, single metric and revenue bands that all fit together with fixed relationships. It's almost like tuning a piano. Read more

Neat Suites
Neat Suites Sells the First Seats Contract

On May 27, Neat Suites LLC, based in Covington, KY sold a $1,428 band at $200,000 for $1,000. Hopefully the first of many under their newly created Seats Program Agreement. Read more

Reason #9 for Seats: Onwers stay owners
Reason #9 for Seats: Owners stay owners

Ownership is magic. But this can be lost when companies sell equity. Use Seats to preserve the magic. Sell the fruit. Keep the plant. Read more

Investors pick their spots
Reason #10 for Seats: Investors pick their spots

Equity is a blunt instrument. Investors take risk to perpetual cash flows and often must wait for a liquidity event to get paid. Seats lets investors pick the specific positions they want and leave the rest. Read more